DISCO Radioshow


Radio Syndication

The DISCO radio show can be broadcasted on your radio-station as long as it will be played back unchanged, i.e. nothing will be cut off, shortened or faded out too early. Manuel Cerny is not interested in LIVE events.

Letters or parcels

Manuel appreciates to receive good old-fashioned letters sent by standard mail. If you want to donate your old CDs or Vinyls, just send them over. The postal address is:

Manuel Cerny
Pfälzer Str. 15
93133 Burglengenfeld


Please contact Manuel via e-Mail first. He will pass on his Smartphone-number directly to you. You should know that Manuel's lifestyle is still strongly based on the 80s, 90s and early 2000s. As far as we know, he doesn't use his Smartphone at all.

Music Promo

Please don't add Manuel into any Promo-Pools without asking him first. He only accepts CDs or Vinyls. After sending your CD (or Vinyl) to his address, Manuel will listen to your music and give you feedback.